Sunday, June 1, 2008

Magical Colors

Though I cannot generalize the people's taste in colors, things that dragged me to this wallpaper were the awesome colors and how they merge seamlessly with each other (besides the smokin' hot babe). This picture is pretty much not touched up upon from where I got it but you have to give me the credit of enhancing the colors at the right places (and changing some hue at points).

Hey btw a pop-quiz for all the guys who actually read this crap (I am pretty sure there's none). Identify the babe in this picture. Her name probably starts with the letter 'U'. I am just not able to recall her name. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ana Beatriz Barros

There is something about Ana Beatriz Barros which makes me want to wallpaperise her tirelessly all the time. May be her awesome curves or the eyes. The original picture I had wasnt of very high quality. I had to alter it a lot to give it the current shape. Hope you guys like it.

Megan Fox

I found this picture of Megan Fox pretty hot. This one is from the movie Transformers. Though not much of skin here but she is looking smokin' hot. I felt the background of the original picture to be too interfering so made it gray scale to enhance the beauty (Though I am pretty sure you would never have noticed that)